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New collaboration between BeLive Technology and popular Japanese video platform to enable live streamed auditions for artists and boost new talent discovery within the entertainment industry

JAPAN: Leading live commerce and shoppable short video provider BeLive Technology has, today, announced a new partnership with Japanese entertainment platform, mysta. This new collaboration will enable mysta to offer interactive live streaming capabilities to artists so that they can audition and showcase their talents through technology for the first time. BeLive Technology operates from Singapore and Vietnam and, to date, has delivered over 5 billion minutes of live video to over 100 million viewers worldwide.

Founded in 2017, mysta is a platform that is dedicated to discovering and promoting talented actors, actresses, voice artists, vocalists, and models that are seeking to gain better recognition of their skills, connect with industry professionals, and increase exposure. This new solution, powered by BeLive Technology means users can stream interactive auditions at both a local and nationwide level, offering participants real-time engagement and feedback. While it is possible to produce videos directly from mysta’s existing platform, this new solution goes beyond that, by supporting live streaming and immediate online interaction. Furthermore, BeLive Technology and mysta plan to jointly add new live video capabilities to their existing portfolio for the Japanese market in the future.

In Japan, live streaming is considerably more popular with younger generations. According to Statista, around 22 percent of people aged 20 to 29 participated in live streaming video-sharing services in 2021, while for Japanese teenagers, it was 15.6 percent. Considering most aspiring performers are within this age range, mysta believes this partnership will help them provide further opportunities to the next generation of talent. Data from Gallup shows that, within a work setting, employees are almost four times more likely to be engaged when they receive meaningful feedback. Now equipped with BeLive Technology’s live streaming capabilities, mysta will be able to offer an interactive and captivating platform for content creators, producers and fans to connect and thrive.

Commenting on this new partnership, Kenneth Tan, CEO of BeLive Technology, said:

“We are excited to partner with mysta and power video-first engagement for Japanese audiences. Under Morikawa-san and Takahashi-san’s leadership, mysta has demonstrated a strong commitment to innovation and elevating the entertainment industry. We are delighted to advance the adoption of live video in Japan with mysta.”

Speaking about the collaboration, Akihito Takahashi, CEO and President of mysta, said: 

We are delighted to partner with BeLive Technology, a leader in live streaming solutions. By harnessing BeLive Technology’s expertise, we can enhance the live streaming experience on the mysta platform, enabling content creators and aspiring talents to connect with their fans and unlock new opportunities.”

About BeLive Technology

BeLive Technology is the leading provider of live commerce and shoppable short video solutions in Southeast Asia. BeLive Technology’s platform employs advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning developed specifically for live video analysis, live commerce, shoppable short videos, and interactive live streaming. Live streams powered by BeLive Technology have reached more than 100 million viewers worldwide, amounting to more than 50 million hours of content. The company is IMDA SG Digital (SG:D) Accredited. BeLive Technology employs 50 people across its locations in Singapore and Vietnam. To learn more, please visit 

About mysta

Mysta, founded by ex-LINE CEO Morikawa Akira and run by President and CEO Akihito Takahashi, is a prominent Japanese entertainment platform dedicated to discovering and promoting talent in the entertainment industry. Through its platform and auditions, mysta provides aspiring actors, actresses, voice artists, and individuals seeking opportunities with a platform to showcase their skills, gain exposure, and connect with industry professionals. To learn more, please visit

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