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Customer journeys are sacred. Especially if you are a marketer on the lookout for new and repeat purchases for your products. And, with online buying channels becoming more complex than ever before, it is imperative to have a hold on what your customer does and where they drop off. It’s no more a linear world; today, consumers online navigate through a complex web of touchpoints before they end up making a purchase. With such a context, it is indeed tough to get a 360-degree view of your customer journeys without having a hold of first-party data.

Live commerce is a game changer. It doesn’t just help you get more engagement and boost sales, but also enables you to own the customer journeys. Here is how a live commerce strategy elevates your marketing approach.

Customer Journeys, Now Owned

360 degree customer journeys with live commerce

1. Awareness: Get the eyeballs onto you

The most crucial pitstop in customer journeys is awareness. We have reached peak content. This is a phrase often heard among marketers today. Everyone is churning out several pieces of content every day and it would be safe to say that the audience is tired of looking at the same static banners on social media, repetitive trending shorts on TikTok, and reading the same kind of blogs on Google Search. Users want something more, something exciting that excites them enough to come back the next day.

Enter, live commerce. With BeLive’s white label capabilities, you will be able to offer the most engaging content out there, in order to get the right eyeballs on you. Forget impersonal content on social media, live streams allow you to engage with your viewers in real time and bring them content and offers that they want. Interactive and engaging experiences like live product demos and expert collaborations allow you to stand out in the crowd and make your brand memorable to everyone out there.

2. Consideration: Engage shoppers truly 

Once again, every brand wants to get a hold of precious customer time. In fact, the number of ads an average person sees in a day has gone up from 5,000 in 2007 to more than 10,000 today! This means grabbing attention and making users consider your product or service has gotten tougher than ever before. Traditional marketing channels usually have static landing pages, which aren’t great for customer journeys. Okay, yes, some have videos to take you through the process but it still isn’t as exciting as interacting with the user in real time.

With live commerce, you can setup live streams and have your hosts read user comments and talk back describing the products on offer or discussing the discounts that are available. This, combined with the power of live demos, extensive Q&A doubt sessions, and expert insights into the products, makes for a superb package that allows users to get up close and personal with the products before they decide to buy it. It fosters trust and genuine interest as compared to just browsing for the products and looking at images on eCommerce or social media platforms.

3. Action: Drive in-video sales madly

BeLive | Live Stream Solutions for Business

One of the biggest advantages of adopting a live commerce plan is the ability to reduce customer friction at the point of purchase. In a traditional eCommerce setup, users have to click on the product link, add to cart, go to the payment page, and eventually are able to make the purchase. Data shows that cart abandonment is a big issue in customer journeys.

To solve that, BeLive’s in-house live commerce capabilities allow you to embed product links right into your stream. So, when the product is showcased during the stream, the viewer will be able to click on it, pay right from the same page, and checkout with ease.

Integrated purchase capabilities allow the users to fulfil their impulse purchase cravings and get you amazing conversion rates. Move over endless cart abandonment cases and dollars spent on bringing back those customers through ads. It’s time for the future. It’s time to embrace direct sales through live commerce.

4. Retention: Build brand loyalty deeply

And, finally, the age-old issue of retention. Only a marketer knows the pain of wooing back a customer and getting them to repeat purchases. Ah, the bane of customer lifetime value! Well, the traditional routes are passe. You need to spend huge amounts of money on retargeting ads to get back the same customers, which calls for a more efficient tool.

Live commerce solves that by helping you build a community of loyal fans who act as proponents of your products and services. The real-time and informative nature of livestreaming makes for a rather intimate contact with the client. Live commerce is currently the fastest growing channel of eCommerce sales in Asia and the world, especially as marketers love owning the customer journeys.

The reason behind it is that watching live streams about their favorite products makes people more loyal and close-knit to a brand than they would be by merely looking at social media images and videos about it. This community is key to driving repeat sales, which are the holy grail for any online business out there.

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Customer journeys bring you crucial data

It’s all about the data!

Live commerce isn’t just about the experiences you can offer to your viewers. It is also about getting a hold of valuable first-party data that enables you to take the right marketing calls. With BeLive’s white label solution, getting the right data points isn’t a problem. Instead, our in-house analysis tools allow you to gauge viewer interest, buyer behaviour, and track the entire funnel of your customers.

With data, you have the power to:

  1. Personalize future live streams

With all the data points you need on your viewers, you now have the ability to sit back and assess what kind of content and timing is right for maximum conversion. Finetune your outreach strategies and get the right products to your viewer at a time that works for both you and the user. In fact, go on to tailor content and offers on the basis of what has been working in previous streams. Take control, customize, and go live!

  1. Identify issues in the funnel

In the buying process, live commerce data brings you clarity on drop-off points and helps you make customer segments to enhance your retargeting strategy. Streamline purchase options, return policies, and product pricing based on the buying patterns of your viewers, and unlock a high conversion sales funnel.

  1. Win back the right customers

Leverage this data to get a hold of the right customer set that has shown interest in purchasing your product. Given the lower number of steps needed to reach checkout page from the consideration point, it is much more efficient to track likelihood of interest and win their attention back. This way you end up reaching customers of choice without having to burn a hole in your marketing budget.