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BeLive and Amazon Web Services

BeLive works closely with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure that our clients get the most reliable and scalable live streaming solutions.

Read on to find out more about our partnership with AWS and how it can benefit you.

How BeLive’s solutions
are deployed on AWS

In the live video industry, high-quality, low-latency and reliable streams are the foundation of successful live streaming platforms. With AWS, we are able to uphold high standards of:


BeLive abides by a security-by-design approach, utilizing AWS's extensive suite of offerings such as IVS, EC2, RDS, CloudWatch, S3, KMS and more to ensure complete data protection of our enterprise clients and their millions of live stream viewers across the globe.

Our solutions are AWS Qualified Software validated.

With BeLive and AWS,
you can expect:

High Availability

With our solutions hosted on AWS, you’re guaranteed 99.9% server uptime — So your brand can reach your audience whenever, wherever, all the time.

The system is designed on a zero single points of failure (SPOF) principle, so no lone error can keep you from staying connected to your fans and customers.

High Scalability

Our solutions are built on a microservices architecture, enabling us to handle feature-rich app development and manage hundreds of thousands of live streams running concurrently around the world.

Using AWS monitoring tools, we employ automated horizontal scaling to ensure steady, predictable performance at the lowest possible cost.

High Reliability

BeLive leverages Cloudfront CDN services to deliver high-quality (Ultra 4K) live streams reliably at high speeds.

Intensive testing and regular recovery exercises are done to counter DDoS attack attempts, keeping your data safe, accessible and ensuring a secure live streaming environment for you, your clients and viewers.

AWS has a proven track record of delivering the high availability, reliability and performance our clients have come to expect. And as we continue to grow, AWS is with us every step of the way, helping us scale our business and expand our global footprint.

Hassan AbidChief Technology Officer

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