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Studies recently confirmed that by 2023, 2.72 Billion people will be watching live or on-demand videos via their mobiles.

Over the past years, many businesses started to adapt to video marketing via mobile devices.

Looking at this business insight, it will be best for businesses to start their own live streaming iOS/Android app if they want to give their customers a wide range of flexibility.

Let’s check the basics and things you need to put in place to start a successful live streaming iOS or Android app.

Mobile Streaming Statistics

– Starting in 2017, 58% of video plays were viewed on mobile devices. Half a year after that, the numbers went up to 60% and it’s still rising.

– With the arrival of 5G technologies, three-quarters of internet traffic will be on mobile devices.

– Millions of fans watch sports online on their mobile devices.

– More than 30% of Sports streamers view contents on their tablets or mobile phones.

BeLive| Live Stream Solutions for BusinessWhat Is Live Streaming SDK?

Before you think about building your own live streaming iOS or Android App, let’s deep dive into what a live streaming software development kit (SDK) is.

Understanding what an SDK does is pertinent to building personalized software for specific platforms.

SDK is also the “process, documentation, codes or guides that allow developers to build custom software applications”.

In other words, a live streaming SDK is a kind of technology that allows developers to easily create actual working examples.

Custom Live streaming featuresBeLive Technology offers iOS and Android SDKs to ease your live streaming app development.

These kits are more than enough to help you develop, test, and launch your app within a short period of time.

Highly customisable, the live streaming SDK comes with all of the features for a successful live streaming app such as live shopping, in-stream gifting and beauty filters. Most importantly, it supports resolutions as high as 1080p.

Building A Live Streaming App

Here are 5 important steps to develop a mobile live streaming app.

1. Download Live Streaming SDK for iOS/Android

Using BeLive Technology’s live streaming SDK is relatively easy as it comes with an easy-to-follow set of documentation.

If you require any customisation done on the SDK or additional help, you can contact BeLive for assistance too.

2. Load SDK Build to Mobile Development Software

You will need a mobile development environment, such as Android Studio or Xcode, depending on whether you’re building for iOS or Android. Once you’ve chosen one, upload your SDK to this platform.

3. Begin App Development

You can start building the app according to the provided API code and live streaming SDK tools to develop your custom live video streaming app. This is where you are able to start customising the UI of your app following your branding as well.

4. Submit App

After your app is ready for launch, you will first have to revise and submit it for approval to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

BeLive-Tech-Live-Stream-SDK-ArchitectureBenefits Of Having Your Own Live Streaming iOS/Android App

It is very clear that we are living in an era where most of the information on the internet is checked via mobile devices. Looking at the data from past years, mobile streaming has become marketers’ and business owners’ best friend.

Having your own live streaming iOS/Android app can let you educate your audience, broadcast an event, or hold a question and answer session anywhere at any time. In fact, you can also promote or broadcast important info about your business from your office to the car.

Here are three worthy benefits of having a live video streaming solution on your own platform:

1 – Higher Quality, Low Latency Streams

Facebook Live is not as live as you think it is; it has a latency of 15 seconds.

This means that whatever the broadcaster says or does will only be shown on the viewers’ screens 15 seconds later.

On top of that, Facebook only allows a maximum of 720p video resolution. This is important to note because a survey has shown that video quality is the most important factor to viewers.

Having your own live streaming app allows you to take control of the aspects that you can’t normally change on free platforms.

2 – All The Features You Need

With your own live streaming app, you can have the exact live streaming features that you will need.

Additionally, you can broadcast with fewer distractions. Platforms like Facebook and YouTube are full of distractions that can take away your viewer’s attention. This can be in advertisements, logos from other companies and even algorithms that obstruct your reach and the viewer’s experience.

Check out the full list of live streaming features that BeLive Technology offers – all fully customisable to your needs.

3 – High Returns

Leveraging any monetization models from your live streaming is easier than ever on your own live streaming website.

There are options like private live stream pricing, a pay-per-view model, and even a monthly subscription to help you reach your business goals.

You can even control ads by displaying ones relevant to you and your business, unlike free platforms where the control is left to algorithms.


When it comes on to live streaming, quality is of utmost importance.

You wouldn’t want to use substandard services that would hurt or tarnish the brand and reputation of your company.

Choose a service whose ultimate goal is to provide dedicated professional services with little to no restrictions.

For more information on how you can leverage live video streaming for your business, contact BeLive Technology for your free consultation.

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