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In today’s world, digital marketing trends are evolving rapidly, which opens new avenues for trends. This is especially true when it comes to an individual’s shopping habits. It was only a few years ago that shopping online became a rising trend. With the COVID-19 pandemic, this trend has grown exponentially, as shopping online became a necessity. While e-commerce is nothing new, live streaming is on the rise with retailers using the technology to set themselves apart and build lasting relationships with customers.

BeLive | Live Stream shopping Solutions for Business

Live Streaming E-commerce

What is live streaming e-commerce? For those who are new to live streaming e-commerce, you can look at it as a reboot of shopping channels but more authentic and easier to launch. It offers customers the personalized experience they are looking for.

Since live streaming is in real-time, it allows you to make your customers, whether current or potential, part of your business’s ongoing dialogue. You can ask questions and see the responses as it happens. This also allows your customers to purchase the items they want instantly and effortlessly.

How Did it Start?

With online shopping, it started with customers ordering what they needed and picking it up in the store. While this is still popular for many, the convenience of having items delivered has become a convenience, and with privacy and secure shopping, many are flocking to this new form of business.

With this constant business evolution, live streaming services are starting to pop up as a legitimate and lucrative live commerce streaming solution.

What started out as smaller retailers or influencers live streaming their products either at their homes or shops has become a growing and much-needed trend in today’s market.

This has also shown a significant impact on business. Today, live streaming software providers like BeLive Technology can help businesses reach an audience that cannot leave their homes due to the current pandemic.

BeLive | Live Stream Solutions for Business

Advantages of Using Live Streaming for Your Business

Anyone can live stream, whether they are influencers and celebrities promoting products or business executives promoting their services. With BeLive Technology, they can help you build that robust online e-commerce store and handle your live broadcast content with their end-to-end solutions.

While most of the world is new to this rising trend, it won’t be long before businesses catch up and take advantage of this new form of marketing to help their businesses.

Here are a few benefits to live streaming e-commerce:

  • Your customers will have an improved online purchase experience, and you’ll see a higher sales conversion rate.
  • Your customers will spend more time on your page.
  • The average amount that is spent on each purchase will increase.
  • Real-time element promotes excitement and exclusivity, attracting new customers.

Live streaming is more than a way to market; it carries entertainment value as well. As people shift their shopping habits online, shoppers are looking for more than your standard in-store salesman. Live streaming offers new, exciting, and innovative ways for you to reach and build relationships your clients.

In fact, you can use live streaming to not only sell your products but show your customers how to use their new product as well as providing exclusive backstage access. With exquisite live streaming features by BeLive Technology, you have an ever-growing opportunity to expand your business and gain the trust of your customers.

Rakuten Live shopping Solution made by BeLiveLive Streaming Solution Provider: BeLive Technology

BeLive Technology has worked with global leaders like Rakuten, a live social app combined with live e-commerce features. BeLive Technology has also worked with iShopChangi by Changi Airport Group to launch their seven-week live shopping campaign. As well as Suntec City, on their first-ever live streaming shopping festival.

Live streaming software providers are offering live streaming technology as a useful service to e-commerce businesses worldwide. BeLive Technology offers the best video streaming software and services. Their services are end-to-end and customizable, with full flexibility for you to decide which features you require for your business.

As the marketing world evolves, live streaming service providers help businesses like yours reach their customers in new and exciting ways. While trends come and go, live streaming is on the rise. With the continuing pandemic, it will continue to make a significant impact in today’s e-commerce world.

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