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The holiday season is the most significant time of year for revenue generation worldwide. For both small and large enterprises, there are holidays to celebrate and deals to be had from October to December. 

The holidays go beyond simply conveying sales to happy buyers. Additionally, they allow you to establish connections and strengthen your bonds with current and potential clients. Driving traffic for your e-commerce site and reaching current and potential customers is essential—leveraging a video commerce strategy helps do that.


Why Video Commerce?

Using video content to advertise and market commercial goods or services online is known as “video commerce.” Retailers value its ability to convert brand experience into a transaction.

Video is a crucial factor in social shopping decisions for 85% of consumers. The best way to show a product and its advantages to your customers is through videos. They offer as many details as they can regarding your products. This causes a rise in conversions.

What’s the point, then? Why are businesses investing a lot of money and effort into video commerce? What advantages does it offer? Here are three of the most important benefits of video commerce that you should know:


1. Better Engagement

Videos, by nature, are more interesting than plain texts. Viewers are consequently much more inclined to view video commerce content than read product pages. Additionally, they can communicate information more quickly, which is crucial considering consumer attention spans are getting shorter.

Photos cannot compete with videos, even if they are more interesting than texts in creative content. This is because videos allow customers to get a closer look at things they can’t handle themselves.


2. Improved Conversions

Video commerce and live streaming also produce higher conversion rates. After seeing a video, website visitors are 64–85% more likely to purchase online. Furthermore, 96% of online shoppers rely on product videos. Why is that so? Because videos and live commerce aid buyers in understanding the qualities and advantages of products.


3. Improved Brand Recognition

Viewers learn to trust companies’ marketing tactics since they can witness how their representatives use and handle things while viewing a live shopping video or video streaming content. Excellent customer experience results in higher retention and loyalty. Human connection is incredibly potent!

Brands with a significant focus on customer loyalty and retention typically outperform businesses that still need to develop close connections with their communities.


Plan Your Video Commerce Strategy

Marketing and sales departments often offer end-of-year promotions, raffles, deals, sales, discounts, and more.

Video is among the most popular content marketing tools steadily gaining ground. So if you want to make a holiday campaign stand out, video commerce is a tool you can leverage.  

Below are some suggestions for how marketing teams may use video commerce to make messaging more engaging, make your stories more unique, and boost your store’s revenue this holiday season.


1. Video Greeting Cards

A customary way to wish your clients and business associates a happy holiday is through greeting cards. Traditional handwritten cards evolved into e-cards over time (although paper cards are still a terrific method to customize your message in today’s online realm) and then into the animated and video e-cards we are all familiar with today. The fact is that videos receive an average of 3x more clicks than static images. Thus, every marketer should consider including them in their holiday marketing campaign.

Not only can video boost traffic, but it also gives you a fantastic opportunity to tell your narrative more uniquely and compellingly and build robust customer engagement. Closer to the end of December, when our inbox is flooded with holiday greetings, video e-cards can help yours stand out from other static e-cards in the market.


2. Year-End Offer Promotional Video

People spend money on social shopping and enticing deals over the holiday season, so skipping the chance to launch your own holiday sale would be silly. Therefore, once you have created a great year-end offer, you will need to announce and market it—this is where video commerce and live streaming come in handy!

Additionally, with so much video editing software and tools available now, making holiday videos has never been simpler. You only need to add a call-to-action (CTA) and publish your video across various social media platforms.

Live commerce is also an attention-grabbing strategy if you want to promote your year-end specials and product offerings in a more unfiltered approach. By doing this, you may interact in real time with your audience and collect their feedback or remarks, which you can use to tailor your offers to their needs.


3. Social Media Video Content

Speaking of social media, a holiday marketing strategy would be impossible without sending your online audience a few (funny or heartfelt) season greetings. Instagram (66%) and YouTube (59%) are marketers’ top social media platforms for video lead generation.

To some extent, you can ascribe the trend of using more and more videos on social media to the fact that frequently posting videos online improves your market visibility. Video helps you achieve two wins by sending your followers holiday wishes and growing your social media reach simultaneously.

Video commerce in the form of posting videos on social media is a terrific method to get new followers and engage more closely with your existing followers. Another way is to broadcast live videos on these social media platforms, which can help you gain more traction.

One of the leading solutions for live streaming is the video commerce SaaS LORA, which helps brands simultaneously broadcast on their native channels, such as their website and social media channels. It may also act as your live shopping platform, enabling your customers to purchase their preferred products in real-time. Live interactions will also take users to the original stream on the website, driving more traffic to the platform.


Tips to Elevate Your Video Commerce This Holiday

Whether wishing your followers a happy holiday or creating a video promoting seasonal deals, here are some ways to make sure your holiday video commerce content connects, communicates, and draws followers closer to your brand and business:


1. Conceptualize the Best Video

Don’t be afraid to use festive humor, and go creative! When customers are entertained, they interact more. Even though Christmas is a sentimental and family-centered holiday, fun and lighthearted advertisements can be very effective.

Over 53% of customers claim they are likelier to recall an advertisement if it is humorous, making funny commercials the most favored ones. Why not incorporate that into the happiest season of the year? Christmas is the ideal time to cheer up and invite your audience to engage and interact across various channels. Remember to include entertaining text and encourage audience participation when choosing humorous videos.


2. Add Music to Your Holiday Videos

We can’t picture the holidays without holiday music, which ranges from hymns and jingles to festive classics. According to studies, playing holiday music around the holidays encourages people to purchase and undertake social shopping and more holiday-related activities when Christmas music is playing. Remember to include upbeat and joyful holiday music this Christmas season in your videos.


3. Add Your Shop’s Personal Touch

Your Christmas videos should include your images and videos. Uploading your video is quite simple using Promo. You can use video of the seasonal decorations at your place of business.

Additionally, we advise leveraging employee videos and inviting your audience to join in on the joyous celebrations at work. You can also conduct live streaming for upcoming product releases. Last but not least, if your business has one, maximize your jingle’s potential to increase brand familiarity and visibility.


Ready for the Season?

Every company experiences a surge in demand and excitement during the holiday season. However, making the most of the season doesn’t have to break your wallet. The holidays are a true gift for businesses across all industries, offering them everything from improved market visibility to increased revenue.

In a nutshell, here are the kinds of videos you can create to use as holiday content. Here are a few concepts:

  • Sneak peek and early access to deals, promotions, and special offers. Include the dates as well as the hours for any in-store promotions
  • Live streaming videos highlighting well-liked products, features, and costs
  • Videos of product reviews, particularly those from bloggers and influencers, if you have any
  • Instructional videos and how-to’s, if appropriate for your goods or services
  • Videos from behind the scenes with staff members showcasing your holiday preparations
  • Navigation video to help customers locate your physical store

Although we know you are balancing time and resources over the Christmas season. We want to reassure you that you can do it. You may save time, effort, and money by using these tips and guidelines to develop the ideal content for your marketing campaigns this holiday!

Keep in mind that you must advertise any strategy you choose. Make sure to include video commerce to promote your unique offerings. For all your demands in holiday video marketing, BeLive Technology has you covered. We’re here to assist you in making the most of your content marketing plan this season. 

Ready to take that next step for your business? Contact us today for a free demo.


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