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There’s no doubt about it: dating has changed a lot recently. 

Over the past few years, people were encouraged to stay in their homes at all times as a result of the coronavirus. Resulting in potential partners and sparking new relationships facing yet another obstacle for meeting one another.

For this reason, and due to lingering government restrictions, fear of contracting COVID-19. As well as a general push towards online solutions, live stream dating may soon become a major way to establish and maintain romantic relationships.

Benefits of Live Stream Dating

While live video dating is not new and is commonly used as a way to connect in existing relationships and long-distance relationships. With swiping and text messaging used regularly, it is hardly used for establishing new connections.

While this may seem like an odd idea at first glance, dating apps and even traditional matchmaking agencies should grasp the vast opportunities that come with incorporating live streaming into their services. Live streaming offers numerous benefits for both the business and its clients such as: 

  1. Seeing your date on a screen decreases your chances of getting catfished

Many readers may remember the MTV show Catfish, well-known just a few short years ago. Unfortunately, while the show’s popularity has waned, the practice of catfishing has only expanded.

Now, it’s easy to find daily instances of catfishing, simply by consulting message boards around the internet. Luckily, it’s fairly easy to overcome this problem by offering and encouraging live video dating capabilities early in a relationship!

  1. Testing compatibility through face-to-face conversation rather than through texting or email

When people talk to each other in person, The flow is significantly different than when they text one another. Often misinterpreted in texts, tone is another important element in communication. It is also easier to mask personalities. A quiet and introverted individual can appear more enthusiastic and high energy in text than in person. Setting the scenario up for a mismatch in expectations and personalities.

But couples need to learn good face-to-face communication skills. Let’s face it, both parties can’t hide behind a screen, especially if they eventually decide to move in together. Therefore, testing out how well a couple is able to communicate in-person is a good thing to establish as the relationship develops. 

  1. Opening up the client and dating pool to include international and cross-country options

Traditional matchmaking agencies primarily provide their services within their local market. Organizing blind dates, speed dating events and even offering in-person relationship coaching. As a result of Covid-19 safe distancing measures, agencies have a harder time organizing speed dating events for large groups of strangers and coaching sessions in classroom settings.

The ever-shifting regulations (no thanks to the multiple Covid-19 variations popping up) also create a layer of uncertainty for the organizers and participants.  The uncertainty of of new measures may lead to rescheduled or canceled events, affecting the professionalism of the agencies.

With live streaming and live trivia, traditional matchmaking agencies can continue to host fun speed dates. Additionally hosting engaging coaching sessions without fear of changes in safe distancing regulations. Dating services can also easily market their services to people across country and state lines, expanding their client pool.

As the saying goes, “There’s plenty of fish in the sea.” Well, online, live stream dating allows those looking for love access to the entire ocean!

  1. Allowing for fun and interactive options through live trivia

Live stream dating is not limited to formal, one-on-one dates. In fact, potential couples can connect through a plethora of casual options such as live trivia. Live trivia solutions can help inject some fun into these dates, allowing potential couples to get to know one another better. Making their first few meetups a little less awkward.

When incorporated in dating apps, users have a higher chance on staying on the app for longer periods of time. A win-win for both developers and potential couples!

Relationship coaching and consulting can also make use of live edutainment and trivia. In return, allowing greater interaction between coaches and participants. This has worked to improve efficiency and effectiveness of training in other industries.

Make a Date with BeLive

BeLive offers white label solutions that allow businesses to customize their live video and live trivia solutions. Our technology empowers dating apps and matchmaking services to enhance user and customer experience. BeLive is all for creating meaningful connections; enabling both businesses and couples to connect in fun, face-to-face ways, all while remaining in the comfort of their own homes.

Don’t settle for a subpar virtual dating experience for your customers – connect with us to build a brighter spark for your business! 

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