“Engaged 70 million monthly active users with live trivia.”

One of the largest e-commerce companies in Indonesia, Bukalapak was founded in 2010. Launched to help businesses of all sizes sell online- from smaller traditional family-owned businesses to medium enterprises. Specifically to help improve conditions of Indonesian mom-and-pop kiosks, which did not benefit from the emergence of the Internet era.

Bukalapak offers sellers an inexpensive and effective way to reach the Indonesian market. As of 2019, the platform has more than 6.4 million merchants, 70 million monthly active users averaging 2 million transactions per day.

Their ultimate goal is to establish an inclusive society where everyone has equal access to technology, infrastructure, and finances.




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To increase customer engagement and traffic to the site, Bukalapak decided to add a live weekly trivia show. Trivia games are popular due to their fun and interactive nature, and by adding prizes like rewards points and vouchers, Bukalapak believed that they could generate a lot of interest, draw more people to the site, and keep visitors on the site longer.

Bukalapak already had a well-designed, highly functional website. However, adding live trivia features required some development work beyond the existing site architecture. They also lacked the backend hardware and expertise to bring the live trivia idea to life. So, to make their vision a reality, Bukalapak turned to the team at BeLive.


With our help, Bukalapak launched two features: BukaLive and Live Trivia. These two offerings play on the growing fame of Bukalapak’s hosts and their growing legion of fans.

Firstly, BukaLive gives sellers the chance to host their own live streaming sessions from within the Bukalapak app. This feature allows them to promote new products live to their potential buyers. The seller can also share product links and other information from within the live chat feature.

Secondly, Live Trivia adds a new, gamified dimension to Bukalapak. The official Bukalapak channel educates audiences about featured products and sellers through live trivia games, in a fun way that viewers embrace. It revolutionizes the traditional one-way street of online “selling”, where products are displayed for sale, and draws active interest from the audience instead by piquing their curiosity and providing entertainment value.

The strategy worked. Already the e-commerce site has engaged 70 million users with live trivia. As Bukalapak continues to grow, their live audiences will as well. And their relationship with us means that it will be simple and easy to add or scale offerings as necessary.

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