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HyperLive TV is Singapore’s very own ultimate platform for entertainment and lifestyle. Established in 2021, HyperLive TV was created to bridge the gap between the lack of physical interactions and live events due to social distancing restrictions. The platform reinvents traditional one-way interactions by introducing LIVE interactive entertainment, music, lifestyle and events in real time. Anyone can broadcast or watch unique content anytime, anywhere. Creators also have access to data analytics to improve their their streams. HyperLive TV launched in August 2021 in response to the changes in the entertainment industry brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. As social distancing measures limit and even canceled events, HyperLive Entertainment saw an opportunity to reach a wider audience through virtual events. However, while doing so, they wanted to move past the one-way broadcast nature of most online events and instead, create engaging interactive experiences. They sought a virtual experience that was on par with the live experience, whilst still allowing for the same type of monetization methods found in online events.




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Given that HyperLive TV was trying to create something brand new, they needed an experienced partner. With technical knowledge, and flexibility to create a bespoke, customized platform. Ultimately, looking for a partner that could facilitate a new type of interactive experience. They found the right fit with us at BeLive Technology. We created a solution that put together the best features of live streaming, audience engagement, eCommerce, and monetization.


With BeLive’s help, HyperLive TV has become a pioneer in the world of live streaming entertainment. They connect viewers to rich entertainment and lifestyle content in real-time and offer highly interactive viewer experiences. HyperLive takes advantage of many of BeLive’s most innovative features like Live Polling, Live Trivia, In-Stream Mini Games, Live Gifting, Event Ticketing, Leaderboards, Game Live Streaming, and Game Analytics. HyperLive also employs BeLive’s multicast solution, allowing events to be simulcast on other platforms such as Facebook Live.

With the HyperLive TV platform powered by BeLive, HyperLive is helping businesses and event organizers see what is possible in the area of virtual events, as well as give them the opportunity to remain competitive even without the live audiences and a physical space. Ultimately, this gives businesses access to a robust live streaming platform, with a full suite of interactive features to drive audience engagement and monetize live shows.

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