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The live commerce revolution is real and it’s here to stay. This new technique of promoting and selling products online has taken the retail world by storm. Social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube, and eCommerce platforms like Shopee and Amazon have captured headlines with their explosive growth and seemingly endless potential. If you are an online brand selling products or services to an audience, it is increasingly becoming imperative to start with your own live commerce strategy. But look beyond TikTok, here are the best live commerce platforms to start selling while you livestream to your fans.

Best Live Commerce Platforms

Your own! (Through BeLive)

Best live commerce platforms

With BeLive, build your own loyal audience.

Topping the list of the best live commerce platforms is, of course, your own. You have access to all first-party data, 360-degree customer journeys, and the ability to build a community of loyal fans that keep coming back to your platform. With BeLive’s white paper offerings, go beyond just live streaming. BeLive offers comprehensive live commerce functionalities designed to empower brands with the tools they need to succeed.

Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Simulcast: Reach a wider audience by streaming live across multiple platforms simultaneously, saving you time and effort. So, get your followers on social media onto your platform through exclusive discounts, promo codes, access, and a lot more.
  • In-depth Customer Journey Tracking: Gain valuable insights into how viewers interact with your live streams, from discovery to purchase. Don’t be lost in the dark, get a hold of the data and use it to build your customer insights.
  • Data-Driven Optimization: Use data to refine your content strategy, personalize the customer experience, and maximize conversions. Not just any data, get access to rich first-party data with a ton of pointers that make customer segmentation easier than ever before.
  • Seamless Customer Experience: Provide a smooth purchase journey with user-friendly features and real-time interaction capabilities. Make the customer journey like you want it to be, and not like any other third-party platform that dictates the experience.

Amazon Live

Amazon Live is a live streaming and selling platform integrated natively into the Amazon marketplace. Given the sheer number of sellers registered on the marketplace, it is a powerful tool for established retailers to further engage their audience and potentially reach new customers within the familiar Amazon environment.

USP: As mentioned, the seamless integration and plug-and-play support for Amazon sellers across the board is a big point of consideration for those with high sales on Amazon looking to get into shoppable live streams. This automatically gives access to Amazon’s massive customer base to allow for higher reach and a chance of higher engagement as well.

Ideal for: Amazon Live is one of the best live commerce platforms for resellers on the platforms that sell fast-moving goods that are priced rather inexpensively. For instance, categories like beauty, skincare, food, toys, and electronics will sell well through Amazon Live as users want live demonstrations and are willing to buy them instantly through the eCommerce links provided.


Kakao is one of, if not the, biggest social messaging platform in South Korea. And, much like Wechat in China, it does a lot more than just social media. On Kakao in South Korea, you can send instant messages, play and share music, find salons near you, pay at retailers using the e-wallet, book cabs across the city, and a whole lot more. Plus, you can build your live commerce strategy as well.

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USP: The biggest reason for preferring Kakao is the extensive reach and ultimate influence it has within the Korean internet market. Also, the strong integration with existing user habits on KakaoTalk and other subsidiaries makes it a service not many can miss when in Korea.

Ideal for: 

  • Brands targeting the Korean market: KakaoTalk boasts a massive user base in South Korea, making it an ideal platform to connect with local audiences.
  • Brands with existing brand awareness in South Korean internet industry: Leverage your established presence on the platform to drive viewers to your live streams.
  • Brands looking for a social commerce experience: KakaoTalk fosters a more social and interactive live commerce experience due to its messaging functionalities.


BeLive | Live Stream Solutions for BusinessLazada, controlled by China’s Alibaba Group, is an undisputed leader in eCommerce when it comes to Southeast Asia. Whether it is Singapore, Malaysia, or Thailand, or the other countries in the region, Lazada dominates product sales online. With a solid backing from China, the eCommerce giant commands a good hold over tech-forward innovations like live commerce in the Southeast Asian region.

USP: Lazada is known for its sheer extensive reach within Southeast Asia and established user base accustomed to purchasing on Lazada. The user stickiness on the platform is unparalleled with repeat purchase rates well beyond industry averages in the region.

Ideal for:

  • Brands targeting the Southeast Asian market: Lazada dominates e-commerce in this region, providing access to a vast audience of potential customers.
  • Brands already selling on Lazada: Seamless integration with existing product listings and familiarity with the platform streamline your live commerce efforts.
  • Brands looking for a mobile-first approach: Lazada, with its tech-forward image, caters heavily to mobile shoppers and young people, making it a good fit for brands with mobile-optimized content. Live commerce on mobile is quite instantaneous compared to other formats.


And, finally, Shopee, another one of the eCommerce giants in Southeast Asia. With a focus on mobile shopping and integrated live commerce features, Shopee is one of the best live commerce platforms out there.

USP: The biggest reason why Shopee reigns over Lazada in certain areas is the inclusion of srong gamification elements and a highly engaged user base known for actively participating in promotions and flash sales. Shopee customers are highly perceptive to flash sales and festive season deals, making it the right platform to target customers during that time of the year.

Ideal for: The ideal scenario for sellers looking to sell via live streams on eCommerce platforms is similar when it comes to Lazada and Shopee. Both have large customer bases in Southeast Asia, both have younger audiences who love to engage with new trends, and both have a highly mobile-friendly outlook that is crucial for success in live commerce.

Other than that, Shopee is different as it has brands with engaging personalities Shopee’s user base thrives on entertainment. Live streams that are fun, interactive, and incorporate gamification elements can perform well.

The live commerce landscape offers a wealth of possibilities for brands to connect with audiences and drive sales. While BeLive empowers you with the tools to excel across all platforms, exploring the best live commerce platforms unlocks a wider audience and richer data insights.

Ready to take your live commerce strategy to the next level? Contact us today to discover how our platform can help you simulcast seamlessly, personalize the customer experience, and gain valuable first-party data for long-term success.

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