“Transforming the Way We Move, Connect, and Thrive”

Grab Holdings Inc. is a multinational technology company that operates the leading super-app in Southeast Asia.

It has a wide array of services that cater to the diverse needs of its users, from transportation options like car rides, motorbike taxis, and carpooling, to delivery services, cashless payments, and even financial services. Grab has crafted an all-encompassing platform that seamlessly integrates various aspects of modern living, and is continuously innovating to enhance users’ lives.




GRAB points redeemed on Live Virtual Gifts



increase in monthly active users after implementation of missions



missions completed per month on average


Grab has emerged as a game-changing force in technology and transportation in today’s fast-paced world, where seamless mobility and digital connectivity are integral to our daily lives. Founded as a ride-hailing platform in Southeast Asia, Grab has since evolved into a multifaceted super app, revolutionizing how millions of people navigate their cities, connect with others, and access essential services.

Grab is continuously seeking to enhance user experiences, optimize operational efficiency, and anticipate the evolving needs of its customers. The platform wanted to explore innovative solutions to improve user engagement and retention as well as new ways of generating revenue within their super-app.  


Grab Live, the livestreaming segment that sits within the Grab app itself, allows brand merchants to connect and engage with users in real-time. The live commerce and virtual live gifting features allow users to seamlessly shop with their favourite brands and directly interact with celebrities and influencers on the platform.

Weekly livestreams are hosted by famous personalities who showcase featured products and entertain their audience in real-time with custom-built interactive features. These celebrities and influencers are in turn showered with live virtual gifts from their fans, making the show a two-way experience. Grab has seen over 600k Grab points redeemed in a single live stream session, illustrating the glowing success of these interactive sessions.

Coupled with gamification strategies such as the implementation of daily missions (e.g. watch a live stream for 6 minutes to earn 5 Grab points), Grab was able to create a sustainable live viewers base and deepen their customer loyalty.

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