“Redefining Connectivity: Telecommunication giant embraces interactive live stream technology to engage customers”

M1 is Singapore’s first digital network operator, providing a suite of communications services, including mobile, fixed line and fiber offerings, to over two million customers. As one of Singapore’s major telco, they are constantly looking at innovative approaches to continue being Singapore’s most vibrant and dynamic telecommunications company.




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M1 had three key objectives that they wanted to achieve through the adoption of live and video technology:

Enhance Customer Engagement
— M1 aims to provide customers with interactive and immersive experiences through livestreaming and video technology. They needed an avenue to share unique content and showcase its products, services, and events in real-time. At the same time, they needed a platform that allows customers to actively participate, ask questions, and interact with the brand, increasing customer engagement, building stronger relationships, and fostering loyalty.

Expand Reach and Accessibility — Livestreaming and video technology allows the telco to extend its reach beyond physical space. The company can connect with a broader global audience by broadcasting entertaining and educational content, as well as online product demonstrations.

Technological Leadership — As pioneer adopters of livestreaming and video technology in the telecommunication industry, M1 is able to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and staying at the forefront of the industry to adapt to changing customer behaviors and preferences. This also showcases the telco’s technical prowess and capabilities, positioning it as a cutting-edge communication solutions provider.


M1 became the first telecommunication company in Singapore to offer Live Entertainment to their viewers, unleashing a new era of customer engagement with truly interactive, gamified live streams. Using BeLive’s Enterprise white label solution, they deployed the livestreaming capabilities on their brand website. M1’s live series, That One Show, allows people to watch live entertainment shows such as variety programs, comedies and participate in games and product giveaways.

The livestreams are hosted by celebrities and influencers who entertain and engage the audience with unique content and custom-built interactive features such as polls.

In one episode, 2 influencers were put in a real-life escape room, where audiences participated actively to vote for what the next action should be to solve the puzzles together with the 2 hosts. The ability for viewers to influence how the show progresses greatly increases how engaged and immersed they were, resulting in longer average view durations compared to traditional video content. Experiences like this helped M1 to build a sense of affinity with their viewers, and in turn contributing to a more favourable brand impression. 

They were also able to pull off another success in a co-marketing campaign titled “Life After Dark”, where they promoted a new Samsung Galaxy phone with a superior night camera. A series of live streams were filmed using the phone itself, with activities conducted in the dark, such as light painting, night-time paintball and more.

The great product-content alignment and integrated Live Shopping feature meant that more viewers directly shopped for mobile plans for the featured phone, while more interaction was seen from the audience in the form of live comments and Q&A. The positive results of this live stream series served as a crucial proof of concept for M1 to offer curated live shows as a value-added service in their brand sponsorship agreements.

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