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Whether you already have a live streaming channel or are just getting started, you’ll find that to increase your live stream viewers is one of the hardest parts of your live stream journey.

With the new year steadily moving forward, you may be wondering just how to increase live streaming viewership in 2021. In this post, we’ll be discussing how you can do exactly that.

Getting Started

Before you get into live video streaming, keep in mind that there are a few must-haves when it comes to making the most out of your live streams:

  • Make sure your video and sound quality are good, as well as the lighting.
  • If you are promoting products, highlight your products from every angle possible, to give viewers a clearer idea.
  • Check the quality of your video on all forms of devices, especially mobile ones.
  • Don’t forget to include social media buttons for easy sharing!

Increase Live Stream Viewers

Now that you’ve got the essentials down for having a successful live streaming platform, here are a few of the most common live stream ideas that you can use to increase your live stream viewers.

BeLive | Social Live Stream Solutions for Business
Conduct tutorials on how to use your products on live stream

Make a Tutorial

By far, making tutorials out of your products is a great way to show viewers exactly what they’d be getting if they were to purchase your items.

Show viewers each step involved in your demonstration, aiming to simplify the more complex aspects of your product’s use in a way that makes it look easy to get the desired results. Consider using a model to demonstrate the product to make the viewer’s experience feel more authentic.

You can make these live videos shoppable as well. This way, viewers can purchase your products instantly and you get a direct sales conversion. Don’t know how to make live shopping possible? Check out this blog post.

Have a Webinar

If your brand is more professional, webinars are popular live streams that businesses use to educate others and build their credibility as a reputable source of information.

Generally, live webinars include a panel of experts and a team of brand representatives who work together to discuss your products and talk about what makes them useful. This is the time to answer any questions that may have been sent to you prior to your live stream, as well as any questions that appear during the live stream via the chat box.

Having webinars is also a tactic to monetize your live videos. With a white-label solution, you can implement ticketing, subscription payment or pay-to-view models. Additionally, you can implement password protection or geo-block if you rather have your webinars as an invite-only event.

Tell Your Story

Who doesn’t love a compelling story? Sharing your brand’s story helps your viewers connect with you emotionally by showing them that you’re a team of passionate individuals behind the digital screen.

Don’t be afraid to be creative and really delve into authentic, heartfelt stories. You can start by telling your company’s unique history, your intent of creating the products, team milestones, struggles you’ve overcome, and your proudest moments as a business.

All of these things will help create an emotional response that will help increase your live stream viewers.

BeLive | Socila Live Stream Solutions for BusinessHighlight Exciting News

Do you have a new product coming soon? Use your live stream to give a little sneak-peek of what’s about to be launched. This encourages viewers to stay tuned for more exciting content.

Collaborate with Others

From reviewing to unboxing, showing products from other businesses and influencers is another way that you can promote your own business. This is because your followers trust you.

Having your audience see you open another company’s product and experience the entire process of removing the packaging, taking out the product, and trying it, helps build trust and encourages them to try out those products, too. Showing each of these moments live leads to increased engagement, shares, follows, and comments.

If you are collaborating with a brand, you can implement live shopping features as well.

Live stream development
A white label solution creates for you a platform that you can fully own.

White Label Live Streaming

Lastly, one of the best ways to get the benefits of ad-free live streaming without paying a fortune is by using white label live streaming.

A white-label live streaming platform means that you’ll be using a service that another company created to broadcast your live stream, without the logos or backlinks that make it obvious that you’re using a service provider.

By using a white-label for your live streaming viewership, your brand will look more authentic, which will in turn help increase your live stream viewers in 2021.

In Conclusion

The above strategies can help increase live streaming viewership and increase your sales, though you’ll find that there are even more live stream ideas that can be used to gain more viewers. No matter the options you choose, we hope this guide helps you get started!

For more information on how you can leverage live video streaming for your business, contact BeLive Technology for your free consultation.

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