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There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the dynamics of work in organizations. With workers working remotely, it is critical for companies seeking to remain efficient to find an effective live streaming solution for private events. In this article, we will discuss some of the top secure live video streaming solution providers for any private event.

Premium Live Video Streaming Solution Providers for Private Events


BeLive | Live Stream Solutions for Business

1. Vimeo

This live video streaming solution provider has been around since 2007. Vimeo acquired Livestream three years ago. This organizational shift moved the company from only offering video on demand to offering live streaming services as well. More than 10 million events are streamed on this platform annually. Vimeo is well-equipped to keep your private event private and secure.

Vimeo is a live streaming and video hosting service. They also offer technical support through email to their clients. This streaming platform offers insightful analytics, high-quality streaming, and incredible storage capacity. Video does not limit the amount of events or viewers. It also features no advertisements.


BeLive | Live Stream Solutions for Business

2. IBM Cloud Video

IBM Cloud Video is another long-standing member of the video broadcasting industry. It has been in operation for more than 10 years. This platform was originally developed to connect military personnel abroad with their family members and friends in America. Ustream was purchased by IBM in 2016.

Among the great features of IBM Cloud Video is its unique CDN that come with the enterprise plan. It empowers users to do video marketing, cover live events, execute enterprise video streaming and more.

IBM Cloud Video has a reputation as a reliable platform. It is a great tool for large enterprises with adequate customer support.


BeLive | Live Stream Solutions for Business

3. BeLive Technology

BeLive was founded in 2014. The team at Believe started this streaming platform with the conviction that live video is going to be a communication staple for at least the next decade.

They gained popularity for its innovative take on live video content with popular segments such as Live Trivia and Live Shopping. This live video streaming solution provider has offices in Singapore, Vietnam and China.

BeLive Technology’s service is end-to-end, fully flexible, and customizable. They have done live streaming for countless events and full-fledged apps. BeLive offers white label live video streaming software and supports live education and live shopping.

BeLive | Live Stream Solutions for Business

BeLive Technology offers a customisable end-to-end solution

They also offer a live streaming software development kit (SDK) which enables you to integrate their top-tier live streaming technology into your platform effortlessly. You can download their SDK demo app and have a closer look at their extensive features from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

With all the incredible features that this service provider offers, you would think that it would take a technical expert to operate live streaming. However, BeLive’s rich experience in creating live streaming platforms assures that the product is user-friendly for everyone and will help you achieve your business goals quickly.


Brightcove logo

4. Brightcove

Brightcove was founded in 2004. It is one of the oldest OVPs on the market. This live streaming platform also offers cloud encoding and video on demand hosting. Brightcove purchased Ooyala in 2019.

Brightcove offers powerful analytics. It also has incredible marketing tools which makes this platform great for entrepreneurs. Global content delivery is possible with Brightcove. It has multi-bitrate and adaptive streaming functionality. Users will benefit from technical support. It offers security features, but these are somewhat limited.


BeLive | Live Stream Solutions for Business

5. Dacast

Dacast is another great online video platform. They purchased vzaar, a video hosting, and distribution platform. This has improved Dacast’s ability to help their clients. Your events will be completely secure and private when you use Dacast.

Dacast is easy to use and offers white-label video players. People who are brand new to broadcasting, can easily create a live channel and start streaming in no time.

Secure global content delivery is possible with Dacast. They also offer 24/7 technical support on all of their plans. All video streaming on Dacast is secure. You will have access to real-time video analytics and ad-free streaming with this platform.


BeLive | Live Stream Solutions for Business

6. Kaltura

This cloud-based video hosting and distribution service offer both video on demand and live streaming. This platform is an open-source and not a traditional self-hosting platform. Kaltura has many add-ons and integrations. This platform is great for well-experienced broadcasters; however, this platform can be a little too technical for new broadcasters.

Kaltura’s multi-bitrate and adaptive streaming options make it a great tool. You will be able to use your own CDN with this streaming platform. It offers high-level security to ensure that all your streams are truly private.

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