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Singapore’s Knock Knock Live was created in August of 2020, to form a global community that encourages the creation of unforgettable live video content. Especially in this new world, the platform hopes to revolutionize communication by creating real bonds and forming deeper connections all in real time.

With an ambition to be Asia’s top social live streaming app, Knock Knock Live has secured their goal with over 100,000 app downloads today. With over 7000 streamers and 9 million viewers in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, US, and Canada. They share content with almost 9 million viewers and have so far produced nearly 66 million streaming minutes. In addition, the iOS version ranked in the top 10 social apps in the Apple App Store in Singapore at its peak.



Finding the Right Team and the Right Idea

Knock2Live set out to create a platform that would utilize the resources they already had, including their connections to talent agencies. Before the Knock2Live team settled on their desire to be a leader in social live streaming, they dabbled with some ideas related to gaming and educational tutorials. 

The team behind Knock Knock Live then started their journey by searching for the right local development company to work with. They wanted a partner with their own tech team. A partner that could provide the tools and experience to create a custom streaming solution with all of the latest features. Since BeLive Technology had already developed social streaming platforms, including the live social selling feature on Rakuten. This was the perfect fit. 

Ready, we got started right away. BeLive Technology worked with Knock2Live as they moved from some initial ideas into a fully developed platform ready to launch. 

A Brand New Platform with Cutting Edge Features

BeLive Technology got right to work building a highly engaging social platform that met Knock2Live’s specifications. That meant including features designed to increase and maintain user acquisition, engagement, and retention. The foundation of the Knock Knock Live platform is social live streaming. It offers all the benefits of a typical social media platform and more. Anyone can go live to talk, sing, or share whatever they want. But, with more powerful and engaging tools than ever. Content creators referred to as Knock Jockeys, or KJs. KJs can access to the latest powerful live streaming features on a high-quality, low latency platform available on iOS, Android, and web.


The features developed by BeLive Technology sets the platform apart and helped Knock2Live meet its goals. Knock Knock Live offers a high level of interaction by enabling users to reward and connect with streamers with gifts using BeLive’s virtual gifting system. To cater to their needs, we offered features such as 3D gifting, surprise gifts, lucky bags and mini-games. For example, surprise gifts and lucky bags provide the surprise element (like gacha) where users can have a chance to give their favorite hosts a jackpot prize. And even receive diamonds back, keeping the flow of interaction.  Additionally, Hongbaos (red packets) can be sent to the host room and other viewers can participate in the fun of receiving a share of a gift too. 

Player Knock-out

Player Knock-out, another unique feature included in their live streams. Referred to as PK where streamers essentially battle in real-time. Matched in themed competitions, live streamers, whether old friends or new strangers compete. As well as fun challenges to complete various tasks set by the host, or suggested by the viewers. The winner is then decided by the viewers — whoever earns more diamonds during the battle is declared the winner. Essentially, KJs gain greater exposure to new viewers as they tap on each other’s fan base. Vice versa, viewers reap rewards with more entertaining live content to watch and participate in. Furthermore, this encourages viewers to purchase more diamonds with cash in the app. In order to support their favorite KJs with gifts and help them win.


Yet another feature – Leaderboards, adds another layer of interaction to the platform. This furthers Knock Knock Live’s goal of increasing engagement and retention by enhancing gamification. Leaderboards show the top-performing KJs (hosts) in terms of the number of viewers. It also ranks the viewers showing the top gift-givers. Fans motivated to get the attention of their idols then, send more virtual gifts. KJs work hard to share valuable content consistently in order to capture the hearts of audiences.

Constant Improvement – Knock Knock Live

With BeLive’s help, Knock Knock Live continues to develop new features today. For example, they recently added mini-games designed to keep users engaged on the platform longer.  Resulting in the average watch time duration quadrupling, as well as a noticeable increase in likes. They have also recently added a verification step to the registration process. This makes it easy for anyone to get started but helps to keep less favorable content off the site.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Having accumulated over 200,000 streamed hours, Knock2Live continues to grow in every metric. Each month, the app receives up to an average of 300,000 viewers supporting their favorite streamers. Additionally, in recent months, viewers sent up to 25,000 virtual diamonds per stream, breaking the records of gifts sent. Loyal fans spend up to 20 hours a month on the app, with streams cumulatively garnering on average 50,000 likes each month.

Achieving Your Specifications

BeLive offers the latest, cutting-edge tools available that allows businesses to customize their live video and live solutions to tailor your needs. From starting a brand new project or you just want to add new tools to increase audience acquisition, engagement, and retention. BeLive encourages creating real, meaningful connections with our audiences. Whatever your vision may be, BeLive is ready to offer its experience and know-how to help your organization succeed in live streaming. Contact us today!

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