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With the video streaming industry growing at a fast rate, it is becoming more difficult to stand out. As a broadcaster, you want to keep the user engagement at a maximum by keeping your users focused on your content. With white-label live streaming, you can cut out the third-party branding and advertisements that come with free platforms, and shift the focus to your brand.

What is White-Label Live Video Streaming?

A white label product generally is a product built by one company and sold to other companies to be repackaged and sold as their own. A white-label live streaming platform is a live streaming platform which you can broadcast on without obvious logos or links that lead back to the service provider’s page. In fact, you will have the ability to make it look 100% your own.

Custom Live streaming featuresBenefits of Having a White Label Live Video Streaming Platform

There are countless business benefits of white label video streaming. Not only do white-label platforms provide a clean and professional look, but these platforms also offer additional flexibility for branding, monetisation, organisation, and more.

Specifically, white-label live streaming means you can attach your own logo and branding colours on every inch of your platform. This helps you to promote greater recognition of your product and content to your audience. White label services also support aesthetic and functional customisation for your content and platform.

A white-label live streaming technology provider like BeLive Technology provides an end-to-end solution. This means that their services cover the platform architecture, development and even designing. Essentially, they can create your dream live streaming mobile app or website from scratch. And because it is white-label, the platform will have none of BeLive Technology’s branding or advertisements and can instead be customised to your branding.

Monetisation Opportunities

Unlike free-to-use video platforms like YouTube and Facebook, a white-label live video streaming solution allows you to control how you monetise your content. You can choose to implement paywalls for user subscription fees, pay-per-view, or implement your own advertisements.

The element of implementing paywalls further extends your possibilities for live streaming content. You can host private and ticketed events like music performance, webinars, behind-the-scenes content and many more.

BeLive | End to End Live Commerce SolutionYour live streaming platform should not only be in your branding but also be fully equipped with the best features your business needs. With live streaming, there are countless ideas for content. Singapore had the first live shopping mall event through live stream, powered by BeLive Technology. Samsung Vietnam also trained its sales representatives across the country using live trivia. This saved USD 250,000 in logistics and manpower costs for Samsung and narrowed down to two 20-minute live streaming sessions.

With BeLive Technology’s long history in live streaming, their content team is reputable to offer help in content curation as well. Live streaming certainly opens up more opportunities for business growth. If you’re interested in finding out more on what BeLive Technology can offer for your business, you can send in your enquiry here.

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