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The coronavirus pandemic has certainly pushed businesses to embrace the power of live streaming so they can remain connected with their customers. While it seems like free platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are the go-to, there’s no denying that you can be severely restricted when it comes to content creation on these platforms. Thus, having your own live streaming website is the next best solution which will definitely put you ahead of the competition.

live stream from your own website
Custom Live Streaming Solutions

Creating your own live streaming platform sounds like something incredibly complicated and difficult to do. But with services like BeLive Technology, Dacast and Vimeo, launching your own live streaming website will be a piece of cake for you; you just have to know what you want. These live streaming service providers offer white label solutions which mean that while they create for you the features you need, it will be entirely in your company’s branding.

A white-label live streaming technology provider like BeLive Technology provides an end-to-end solution. This means that their services cover the platform architecture, development and even designing. Essentially, they can create your dream live streaming mobile app or website from scratch.

Why Use My Own Live Streaming Website?

With all the options available, there are also limits. Along with many other social media networks, YouTube and Facebook have specific protocols that need to be followed. They may also bog your live event down with ads that can interrupt your virtual event. Here are some reasons why it’s better to have your own live streaming website.


What low latency means

The lower the latency, the more ‘real-time’ the live stream video is – which is what you would want.

Higher Quality, Low Latency Streams

Facebook Live is not as live as you think it is; it has a latency of 15 seconds. This means that whatever the broadcaster says or does will only be shown on the viewers’ screens 15 seconds later. On top of that, Facebook only allows a maximum of 720p video resolution. This is important to note because a survey has shown that video quality is the most important factor to viewers. Plus, you want the live stream to run smoothly with no buffering or interruptions due to millions of others using the same server on a mainstream platform.

When you engage in a live streaming solution provider to create your live streaming website, they have the ability to ensure your live videos have extremely low latency; giving the true meaning of real-time video. BeLive Technology, for example, provides ultra-low latency live videos and resolution of up to 1080p.

Keep Your Branding In Tact

When you live stream on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram the user interface would be the same for all live streams because it is essentially a free-to-use platform. What happens then is that your branding and identity will be lost.

Having your own live streaming website means that every nook and cranny of the website will be according to your branding. This will promote a sense of brand loyalty, exclusivity and recognition for your users.

BeLive | Live Shopping Platform DevelopmentThe Features You Want But Better

With your own live streaming website, you can have the exact live streaming features that you will need. Some of the top selling features by BeLive Technology include live shopping and live polling. The features will be customised according to how you want it to be, in terms of user interface and user experience.

Additionally, you can broadcast with fewer distractions. Platforms like Facebook and YouTube are full of distractions that can take away your viewer’s attention. This can be in advertisements, logos from other companies and even algorithms that obstruct your reach and the viewer’s experience.

live streaming shopping solution for ecommerceMonetization

Leveraging any monetization models from your live streaming is easier than ever on your own live streaming website. There are options like private live stream pricing, a pay-per-view model, and even a monthly subscription to help you reach your business goals. You can even control ads by displaying ones relevant to you and your business, unlike free platforms where the control is left to algorithms.

You spent a lot of time creating your website, products, and even the scripts for your broadcast. Showing them off on your website will save you the hassle of interruptions and slow streaming feeds. It will also provide you with a way to bring viewers in with a unique customer experience. Creating the content you need and streaming from your website shows your viewers that you’re innovative. This will give you an added edge for those who use free services to broadcast their videos.

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