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It’s often a mystery why some videos stand out among the crowd. There are seemingly random videos of pets or interviews gone wrong that are spread to a larger audience than anyone could ever imagine.

But while there will always be one-off videos and random content that catches the interest of the masses, there are ways to improve the chances that your content is shared far and wide. There are tried and true methods to help your videos go viral when it comes to live streaming specifically. This article will outline some live streaming tips to increase the influence you have over your audience and help you create a viral live stream.

Live Streaming Tips

There are many ways to extend the reach of your live stream. The following list will examine five methods to help you make your first viral live stream.

1. Make Your Title Eye-Catching.

There are millions of videos circulating on the internet. For yours to stand out, the title needs to appeal to your audience. The title will be the first thing your viewers see, and if it’s not exciting or different from your competitors’ titles, your potential viewers will continue to scroll past your video.

2. Create Content that Encourages Discussion

The classic tip still rings true today: “All PR is good PR.” This is not to say that you should strive to make divisive or offensive content to a group of people. Instead, you should create posts that encourage discussion from different points of view. Whether those who view your live stream agree with you or disagree with you, all comments will improve your video’s algorithm and help you reach viral status.

3. Live Stream Consistently

While you may achieve viral status from your first live stream, the odds are against you. However, it would help if you used each live stream as an opportunity to learn and improve upon your videos. Ensure you provide consistent, high-quality content that will keep your viewers coming back and recommending your videos to their friends.

4. Content Is King

This point should go without saying, but if your content is dull, few people will watch your live streams, and even fewer will interact with the video or share it. Regardless of the topic of your stream, there are ways to make it compelling. A good rule of thumb is: “if you aren’t excited watching your own video, your audience definitely won’t be.”

5. Be Honest!

Making claims in your video that are unfounded or exaggerated may get you some views early in the process. But keep this in mind: if your live stream contains lies, eventually your viewers will find out, and they will not be happy with you. A video containing lies also bears the risk of getting taken down by the platform on which you have posted it. So, make your content enjoyable without resorting to telling lies.

Best Live Streaming Services and Platforms

BeLive Technology live streaming tips

1. BeLive Technology

BeLive Technology is a fully customizable white-label service that develops live streaming technology for businesses. Businesses can choose to have an entire platform developed, or integrate the technology into their existing platform.


  • A wide array of features to suit businesses of all types, including live shopping.
  • The features are also customizable to suit your needs in UI, UX or data acquisition.
  • You will require little to no technology development knowledge as their services are end-to-end. This means that they can cover all development, design and testing stages for you.
  • Great customer service to assist clients in all areas (content, marketing, design, etc).
  • Offers a software development kit (SDK) option for those who prefer to do the integration themselves.


  • While small-sized projects are relatively affordable, large projects can be costly due to high server costs.

BeLive | Live Stream Solutions for Business

2. Dacast

Dacast offers comprehensive and secure video and hosting and live streaming services where users have complete control of their content.


  • Offers key features such as an integrated paywall, analytics dashboard, and password protection.
  • Competitive pricing plans.
  • Add-free broadcasting


  • Has a very steep learning curve and requires you to have existing knowledge of integrating platforms, or have your own development team to do it for you
  • Live stream features are basic and nothing out of the ordinary.

3. Bambuser

BeLive | Live Stream Solutions for Business

Bambuser offers live shopping technology for businesses and live streaming software development kits (SDK).


  • Large clientele consisting of well-known fashion and beauty companies.
  • Option of live shopping for one-to-one or one-to-many.
  • You will have full ownership of content and data.


  • Expensive.
  • Low customization: the features and specifications are fixed and require coding knowledge to make changes.
  • Requires advanced development knowledge.

BeLive | Live Stream Solutions for Business

4. Facebook Live

Facebook Live is commonly used by organizations who are just dipping their toes into live streaming and hoping to tap into their existing following.


  • Like YouTube, everyone knows of Facebook and how to get about the platform.
  • Free to use for viewers and hosts.
  • Existing social features that promotes shareability.


  • High latency of 20 seconds, and allows only up to 720p for video resolution.
  • Extremely high competition with all the various existing content on the app.
  • Lack of features and customizability
  • Those who sell products on Facebook Live have to go through a manual and tedious process of stock-taking and keeping track of orders and payments.

Bottom Line

The world is continually moving toward an online model in every imaginable way. The marketing world is no exception to this digitization, and brands need to quickly pivot toward an effective live streaming strategy before it’s too late. Live stream marketing is one of the best ways to reach new and existing customers, and if you aren’t incorporating the practice now, you should strongly consider it.

Now that you have the best live streaming tips to make your live stream go viral, contact BeLive Technology for a free consultation.

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