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HyperLive TV is Singapore’s very own ultimate platform for entertainment and lifestyle. Established in 2021, HyperLive TV was created to bridge the gap between the lack of physical interactions and live events due to social distancing restrictions. The platform reinvents traditional one-way interactions by introducing LIVE interactive entertainment, music, lifestyle and events in real time. Anyone can broadcast or watch unique content anytime, anywhere. Creators also have access to data analytics to improve their their streams.



HyperLive TV launched in August 2021 in response to the changes in the entertainment industry brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. As social distancing measures limit and even canceled events, HyperLive Entertainment saw an opportunity to reach a wider audience through virtual events. However, while doing so, they wanted to move past the one-way broadcast nature of most online events. And instead, create engaging interactive experiences. They sought a virtual experience that was on par with the live experience. Whilst still allowing for the same type of monetization methods found in online events.

Teaming Up to Create a New Type of Interactive Experience

Given that HyperLive TV was trying to create something brand new, they needed an experienced partner. With technical knowledge, and flexibility to create a bespoke, customized platform. Ultimately, looking for a partner that could facilitate a new type of interactive experience. They found the right fit with us at BeLive Technology. We created a solution that put together the best features of live streaming, audience engagement, eCommerce, and monetization.

Becoming a Pioneer in Streaming Entertainment

With BeLive’s help, HyperLive TV has become a pioneer in the world of live streaming entertainment. They connect viewers to live entertainment and lifestyle content in real-time and offer highly interactive features. HyperLive takes advantage of many of BeLive’s most innovative features like Live Polling, Live Trivia, In-Stream Mini Games, Live Gifting, Event Ticketing, Leaderboards, Game Live Streaming, and Game Analytics. HyperLive also employs BeLive’s multicast solution, allowing events to be simulcast on other platforms such as  Facebook Live.

With the HyperLive TV platform powered by BeLive, HyperLive is helping businesses and event organizers see what is possible in the area of virtual events. As well as giving them the opportunity to remain competitive even without the live audiences and a physical space. Ultimately giving businesses access to a robust live streaming platform. With a full suite of interactive features to drive audience engagement as well as the ability to monetize.

On working with BeLive to develop the new platform, HyperLive’s CEO comments: “Events have traditionally been one-way traffic, and HyperLive intends to revolutionize the way audiences interact with events. Thanks to BeLive’s customized solution, our platform now allows event organizers to replicate, as much as possible, the same audience experience in physical events without forgoing the monetization channels even when shifting online.”

Touching Real Hearts Through Virtual Connections

All-Stars E-Getai Charity Concert

A great example of what is possible with HyperLive TV was the All-Stars E-Getai Charity Concert 2021. The virtual fundraising concert raised over $200,000 for NTUC-U Care Fund. A critical part of the fundraising was HyperLive’s live gifting feature, a familiar product under BeLive’s repertoire of solutions. Viewers were now able to send donations in the form of live gifts during the event. This added to the excitement as these gift animations appeared throughout the event. Without a doubt, encapsulates the fun and positive nature of doing good. This would not have been possible without the live gifting feature. 

Celebrity Tour with the Stars Live! Hawker’s Untold Stories Edition

Leveraging their powerful online network, with the draw of local celebrities, HyperLive TV also featured a new interactive series called “Celebrity Tour with the Stars Live! – Hawkers’ Untold Stories Edition.” Celebrity Hosts travel around Singapore featuring local businesses and focusing on the local food hawkers who have been so profoundly impacted by the pandemic. The hosts use the interactive platform to raise money to purchase food from the hawkers. Which is then donated to elderly residents of the Geylang East Home for the Aged (GEHA). 

Both the All-Stars E-Getai Charity Concert 2021 and the Celebrity Tour With The Stars Live are part of the SGLIVE initiative. HyperLive Entertainment began the SGLive initiative to stimulate the revival of Singapore’s economy. The movement was created to help local businesses make the pivot to the digital world. At the same time, it strives to empower aspiring individuals to create live content to drive potential customers to companies in need. Thanks to SGLive, companies can get started with professional live streaming by taking advantage of the shared resources available through HyperLive TV. 

Through SGLive, ‘An Initiative to Help Singaporeans, by Singaporeans’, HyperLive aims to collaborate with strategic local partners and help companies enter the field of professional live streaming. Which is possible by utilising shared resources on its new interactive platform while leveraging the popularity of local influencers.

Events have traditionally been one-way traffic and HyperLive intends to revolutionalize the way audiences interact with events. With BeLive's customized solution, our platform now allows event organizers to replicate, as much as possible, the same audience experience in physical events without forgoing the monetization channels even when shifting online. BeLive is very adaptable and understands the needs of their client. The team is driven, hardworking, and always ready to serve their clients to their best ability

Sean WongHyperLive Entertainment, Co-Founder

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