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Rakuten was founded in 1997 with a desire to empower merchants whether small, regional, or unfamiliar with computers and the internet.

The Tokyo-based company has since transformed into a giant, ranking as the largest e-commerce company in Japan, and third largest worldwide. With over 70 businesses operating globally – Rakuten continues to strive towards empowering individuals, businesses, and societies all over the world to realize their dreams. 

Often referred to as “the Amazon of Japan”, Rakuten has over 50,000 merchants and 90 million registered users on their e-commerce platform.



Rakuten noticed that if they were able to integrate their celebrity and artists network with their e-commerce platform, they could significantly expand their e-commerce presence. If they successfully merged these two elements of their business, they would be able to fully realize their marketing division’s potential.

A Complete Digital Ecosystem for Users

Here at BeLive, we were uniquely suited to assist Rakuten in achieving their goal. With our comprehensive list of available options to improve the customer experience, we harnessed the capability of end-to-end customization to take Rakuten to the next level.

Specifically, BeLive’s services were fully integrated with Rakuten’s network. Creating Rakuten LIVE with the launch of interactive features such as “live shopping” and “virtual gifting” on their platform.

Furthermore, Rakuten LIVE began using our live streaming technology to easily reach a wider customer base. Our team handled the development, customization, and operational needs of Rakuten LIVE’s app. This allowed Rakuten to focus on other parts of their business.

Our BeLive white-label service empowered Rakuten LIVE merchants to promote their own brands. Providing both the look and feel of a professional, customized platform. The full suite of solutions provided by BeLive include:

  • Full White-Label Live Streaming Services
  • End-to-End Development Including UX/UI
  • Complete Live Stream Integration with a Business’s Ecosystem
  • Custom Interactive Live Streaming Features such as Virtual Gifting
  • Post-Launch App Maintenance and Operation

Merchants saw tremendous value in all of these services and responded well to Rakuten’s integration with BeLive.

A Better Experience For All

Since working with us, Rakuten’s base of 50,000 merchants could sell and market their products directly through live streams. Reaching their customers in a way that is timely and authentic. In turn, their customers can also enjoy more personalized service and a fun, organic buying experience which they enjoy and love.

Rakuten is not alone in their success. There have been many other companies that have experienced similar results after partnering with BeLive. Once our clients see the value of leveraging live video technologies. Inspired to continue exploring the untapped potential that live streaming can bring to their business.

Key Takeaways

What can we learn from the success Rakuten experienced with the power of live streaming?

Customers love live videos. This is because they feel very personal in a world where scripted and highly produced commercials are the norm. Especially in a time of quarantining and restrictions on public gatherings, many look forward to face-to-face connections. Live streaming comes closest to adding a human touch to virtual communications. This can provide this personal connection in a meaningful way.

Working with a live streaming service provider that makes the process easy and intuitive for both businesses and customers. It is an excellent way to improve both sales and the customer experience. Rakuten’s customers were happier, which led to their merchants making more sales. Which resulted in more user loyalty and business for Rakuten. A win-win-win situation.


Companies both large and small can benefit from live streaming and services that improve the customer experience. Whether your business is looking to grow, capitalize on a new opportunity, or solve current problems with your business model. It is important to analyze your gaps and opportunities and determine what new technologies can be best leveraged to achieve your goals, so that Rakuten’s success story can be yours too.

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