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Personalization Powerhouse: Unlocking Live Commerce Success Through Data

By May 21, 2024No Comments

Live commerce is picking pace as internet companies across Asia have started taking shoppable live video strategies seriously. But with increasing competition, it is important to maintain your brand identity and implement a personalization approach to make sure you aren’t lost in the crowd. To truly thrive, you need to personalize the experience for each viewer. BeLive goes beyond basic live streaming, allowing you to transform it into a data-driven powerhouse that tailors the customer journey for maximum engagement and conversions. Here is a look at how we do that.

Unveiling the Power of Personalization

personalization data approachThanks to the sophisticated technology that has been built in-house, BeLive enables its clients to access a ton of data insights related to customers interacting with the whitelabel live commerce solution. Let’s see what that can help with:

Pre-Stream Targeting

Before the stream even goes live, you can leverage customer demographics, purchase history, and browsing behavior to target viewers with relevant live streams. Imagine the conversion rates when you send personalization-optimized notifications to customers who viewed a specific product category and invite them to a live stream where those products are on discount or with exclusive access.

Content recommendations on-the-go

While you might have a solid content strategy going into the live stream, data points from our dashboard also help you make amends on the go. With access to real-time behavior for viewers on the stream, you can now dynamically change hosts, product categories, and discount tiers based on the level of interaction. This allows you to keep every stream unique and not repeat the same formula every time.

Keep the engagement high

With highly interactive polls and quizzes, which have been proven to work across hundreds of thousands of viewers, you can keep your stream engaging from start until the end. This allows you to spruce up your content on the fly, addressing specific viewer interests and concerns, fostering engagement, and demonstrating a willingness to listen.


One of the best features about whitelabeling with BeLive is the ability to segment viewers based on their interaction level or product interest. This allows you to send targeted follow-up emails or discount codes with an element of personalization after the live stream, keeping the conversation going and nurturing potential customers. It also allows you to smoothly create a set of loyal brand advocates that will help with word-of-mouth marketing.

Customer Journey awareness

Last but definitely not the least is the level of understanding you get on the customer journey. This includes everything from initial click-through from the live video to product views, engagement with features, and ultimately, purchase decisions. Analyzing this data helps you understand audience behavior, identify drop-off points, and optimize future streams for peak performance.

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The Customer Journey: Unlock Success

Talking about customer journeys, we understand how important it is for marketers to have access to the entire journey of customers on its live commerce project. Using this, they can personalize messaging and get better conversion on their offerings. With BeLive’s solution, you can:

Craft a Compelling Narrative

Using data insights, you can tailor the live stream script and flow to resonate with viewers at each stage of their journey. Highlight product features relevant to their interests, address potential buying concerns, and offer special promotions to incentivize purchase decisions. Basically, create content that is useful for customers coming in at awareness, interest, desire, and action points.

Seamless Checkout Integration

With the power of live commerce, you can reduce friction in your buying process. In fact, shoppable live streams offer the convenience to integrate the checkout process on the same page as the feed. This eases the purchase journey significantly, encouraging impulsive buying decisions fueled by the excitement of the live experience.

Nurturing Long-Term Relationships

One of the most underrated factors behind brand building is following up with clients. Personalized follow-up emails based on a customer’s live stream engagement keep the conversation going. Offer personalized recommendations, address lingering questions, and reward their participation, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases.

In today’s competitive live commerce landscape, personalization is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. A data-driven approach ensures you deliver a personalized experience throughout the customer journey, leading to higher engagement, conversion rates, and ultimately, building stronger customer relationships that foster long-term brand loyalty.

By harnessing the power of data and understanding the customer journey, BeLive empowers you to transform live commerce from a simple sales channel into a personalized experience that drives business growth and customer satisfaction.

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