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Live streaming technology grew significantly over the last year. Although the pandemic played an active role in boosting the virtual live streaming movement, the potential businesses have found through the use of live streaming solutions makes it likely to continue to be at the forefront of digital marketing.

While most businesses are hoping to receive high attendance for their live streaming channels, this is not always the case. Most popular platforms today lack the features necessary to live stream private events, such as conferences, which need to be secure and private.

One excellent example of a business solution that offers private live events streaming would be BeLive Technology.

With the right solutions, private live streaming can be an effective way to host virtual conferences or events.

In this post, we’ll help you find secure solutions for your business’s private live stream conferences.

Live stream private events
What is a Private Live Stream Conference?

But first, what is a private live stream conference? While we’re nearly certain you’ve heard of live streaming due to its unwavering popularity among business professionals and individuals alike, private live streaming for conferences is a little different.

As opposed to public live streaming, which makes up the bulk majority of live streams, private live streams are specifically for a select group of viewers, who are often invited in by an exclusive invitation. Below are a few examples of events that are likely to be privately streamed:

  • Annual/biannual/monthly corporate meetings
  • Paid-for events
  • Webinars
  • Educational training
  • Press conferences, and more

How to Live Stream Private Events?

Now, how exactly do you go about hosting a live streamed private event? To privatize your live event, you will need to do one of the following options:

1. Create a password-protected event

2. Geo-block your event

3. Paywalls for your live stream

Let’s take a closer look at each of these private, live streaming solutions for your conferences.

1. Password Protection

Password-protected live streams are the simplest and most common forms of conducting a private live streaming video for your conference meeting. Having a password helps keep out those who don’t have access to that information, thus making your live stream private and secure. Only those who have the password are able to access your live stream.

From businesses to small, virtual gathers of friends and family, simply encoding password protection to your live stream will help all who are attending feel safe and close-knit, without any unintentional viewers joining into your event.

2. Geographic Restrictions

Another way that you can host a private live stream conference is by using what is called geographic restrictions. As the name sounds, these restrictions bar viewers according to geographic locations, which are called geo-blocks.

When you use geo-blocking to privatize your live stream, a user’s location is calculated via IP addresses. Sometimes, geo-blocking is calculated by the length of time that it takes for a user’s network to connect to the platform, as this can estimate the user’s geographic location. Once the geo-block software has determined the location of the user, the system will either grant that user access to your live stream or deny it.

3. Payment Security

The last way that you can privatize your live stream conference is by using a paywall to privatize your event. When you use a paywall, the only way that viewers can access your event is by making a payment to access your content.

45% of audiences are willing to pay for live, exclusive, or on-demand video from their presenter of choice. Not only do paywalls generate income for your private event, but they also limit the number of viewers present, helping keep your stream private and secure.

This is a great method for those looking to use their platforms as a revenue stream. Just be sure to use secure payment integrations for collecting payments to prevent any malfunctions or issues.

White Label Solutions for Your Private Live Stream Conference

You’ll find that most free live streaming platforms are limited in their ability to let you create a private live event, if at all. One of the best ways to affordably privatize your live streaming event is by using a white label service such as BeLive Technology that has already integrated these features into their live stream solutions.

White label services allow you to easily integrate the features necessary for hosting a private live stream conference so that your business can be conducted in as secure of a fashion as possible.

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