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Live stream events provide an entirely new platform for businesses to reach both existing and new customers. Data collected by Statista indicates that in the US alone, about 239 million people watched live stream events or downloaded videos in 2020. Professional live stream services can boost engagement, help you build a trusting relationship with your clientele, and elevate your brand image.

A study conducted by 99 Firms indicates that 80% of consumers prefer live video events over blog posts. Several businesses are already taking advantage of this live streaming opportunity. You can also join the live streaming trend and join hands with a professional live streaming service to broadcast your event.

What are Professional Live Stream Services?

Professional live stream services help businesses conduct live stream events while offering the technical expertise and skills necessary to broadcast live events successfully. As opposed to free live streaming platforms like YouTube or DailyMotion, a professional live stream service will offer high-quality streaming, video monetization, data analytics, privacy, security, and more.

One such example is BeLive Technology. BeLive develops for businesses a white-labeled live streaming platform or integrates live streaming technology into the businesss’ existing platform.

iShopChangi Singapore hosted a live shopathon during the height of the pandemic. Powered by BeLive Technology, viewers of this live event got to purchase the promoted products without leaving the live stream.

Let us take a deep dive into why businesses should hire a professional live streaming service.

High-Quality Streams

When streaming a live event on your own server or a free platform, it isn’t easy to achieve a high-quality stream. Also, poor visual quality and frequent interruptions in your stream can make your audience lose interest quickly.

This makes it essential to seek a professional live stream platform that can offer a robust infrastructure and a high-quality CDN or content delivery network to achieve high-quality video. Besides, professional live stream services typically provide a higher server capacity so that you can conduct live stream events across the globe without any geographical or audience size constraints.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Businesses may experience technical difficulties when live streaming, especially if this is their first time using a live streaming platform. Even if you have some live streaming experience, having all the necessary equipment and a trustworthy streaming platform can make all the difference and affect your event’s success. Several professional services will provide documents and in-depth tutorials with 24/7 customer support that can surely ease the process of broadcasting your event.

Analytics Tracking

Simply conducting live stream events is not enough to market your products and business. Tracking your event’s success in terms of viewership and audience response is essential to evaluate your event’s outcome and make necessary changes in your marketing strategy for future events.

Professional live streaming services are equipped with analytics dashboards and tracking tools that provide viewer numbers, behavior, and engagement information. These metrics can help you study your event’s success and identify your audience’s likes and dislikes more clearly.

Distraction-Free Streaming

The most prominent downfall of free streaming is that the stream will be loaded with advertisements and third-party logos that can cause distraction and take away the viewers’ focus. However, most professional services will have the option for ad-free streaming so that you can have the undivided attention of your audience.

BeLive professional live stream servicesVideo Monetization

Live events are a perfect space for monetization. A professional live stream service will offer a variety of tools that can help with video monetization.

Several services such as BeLive Technology let you implement monetization features such as monthly subscriptions or pay-per-view models. These video paywalls restrict free access to content and require viewers to purchase a subscription to gain full access to your broadcast.

Professional live stream platforms also offer sponsored ads with the benefit of choosing the ads that will be displayed to viewers and the frequency of such ads for businesses who rely on ad monetization.  

Customizable Video Player

Professional live stream services also offer customizable video players through paid streaming solutions. This allows businesses to customize the branding and add functional business elements directly into the video player. This option is highly beneficial as businesses can seamlessly integrate their CTAs or call-to-action and websites to the live stream events. Professional live stream services also offer other valuable tools like video API access to customize the hosting experience through external encoders, CRMs, mixers, or similar program integration.

Security and Privacy

Professional live stream services include privacy and security tools like tokenized security, password protection, domain restrictions, and IP or geographic restrictions. These tools can give you complete control of your live stream events ensures that your content and videos are safe from hackers.

With various benefits mentioned above, it is safe to say that professional live stream services are the best for a streamlined broadcasting experience. Conduct your next live stream event through professional service and enjoy valuable streaming resources that can help you get closer to your business goals. If your business is ready to make that next move, contact BeLive Technology for a free consultation.

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