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Ever since the start of the pandemic, more and more businesses are embracing the power of live streaming. While it’s natural for businesses to experiment with their live stream strategy using free social media platforms, this might not be a sustainable plan. Launching your own customized live streaming platform can help set you apart from your business competitors and give you the upper hand necessary for attracting regular live stream viewers.

Why Build A Customized Live Streaming Platform Instead Of Using Free Platforms?

Unlike free live stream channels on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, having your own live streaming app works differently. You pay for live stream technology and software that is customized to your needs, which in turn builds your live streaming app. Alternatively, such solutions also offer to integrate the live streaming technology into your already existing platform (website/ mobile app).

An example of a service provider that customizes live streaming technology to your needs would be BeLive Technology.

Once the live stream development is complete, you then get your new app approved by the app stores. From there, your app can be found by countless smartphone users, where they can download and watch your live streams from your new app.

Customized Live Streaming Platform Case Study: Z-Live by Zalora

BeLive | Live Stream Solutions for Business
Zalora launched their own customized live streaming platform powered by BeLive Technology


BeLive Technology, a Singapore-based provider of live streaming solutions, has helped to power Z-Live, an in-app live streaming platform for fashion ecommerce startup Zalora.

Z-Live will allow Zalora to interact and receive direct payments from its customers in real-time. The new platform also provides sentiment analysis, enabling the e-tailer to create shopping personas for a targeted and customized online commerce experience.

The launch of Z Live is also part of Zalora’s broader plan in stringing content, social media, and commerce together to create an engaging service in fashion and ecommerce.

How a Building A Live Streaming App Can Benefit Your Business

If you’re wondering how building a custom live streaming app can benefit you more than a free or premium account on someone else’s app, here’s are 5 ways that a live streaming app benefits your business:

1. High-Quality Streams

Did you know that Facebook Live is not really live? In fact, Facebook Live’s latency is a surprising 15 seconds. In other words, the person broadcasting the live stream doesn’t appear on the receiving end of the channel until an entire 15 seconds after real-time. This can impact the way that the broadcaster receives and responds to live chat questions and can make a live stream less engaging.

Furthermore, some social media apps have a low video resolution, making your live stream look blurry. Facebook, for example, caps its videos at 720p, meaning it will downsize any videos that have a higher quality.

In a time when video quality is often considered poor if it’s under 1080p, your business can’t afford to appear less than stellar. When your build your own live streaming app it means you can have more control over the quality and latency of your video stream, which helps retain viewers.

2. You’ll Receive Higher Returns

When you build your own live streaming app, you are better able to leverage marketing techniques that get the most out of your monetization models. You can easily add features to your app that increase monetization opportunities. This includes:

  • Private pricing for exclusive content
  • Pay-per-view services
  • Subscription plans
  • Customized advertisements, and more

Gone are the limitations that you were experiencing from free platforms that generate ads and set subscription plans. With your live streaming app, you will have the flexibility to increase your earning potential in a variety of marketing strategies, all customized to your business model.

3. It Makes Your Business Look Professional

Build your online reputation by showing off your company’s very own live streaming app. It will make you look like you know what you’re doing online, which can help reassure viewers that your company is trustworthy and worth investing in.

4. The Luxury to Choose Your Features

Don’t let your viewers get distracted by their home feeds, messenger pop-ups, and ads. By using your own stream, you get to control what comes up in your app, rather than the other way around.

BeLive Live streaming features and solutions
BeLive Technology covers live streaming features for a variety of needs.

BeLive Technology offers a very large range of features to suit the needs of any business. Beyond the range, you can customize the specifications of each feature, which means applying your own UI/UX.

In Conclusion

Everyone’s tuning in to live streams, be it for shopping, learning or entertainment. There’s no better time to launch your own customized live streaming platform than now.

For more information on how you can leverage live video streaming for your business, contact BeLive Technology for your free consultation.

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