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The South Korean multinational electronics corporation, is the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones from 2011 up to 2021. Ranking the world’s second largest technology company by revenue as of 2019. The company has assembly plants and sales networks in 74 countries and employs around 290,000 worldwide. With phenomenal geographic coverage, Samsung has a respected presence in many of the world’s major markets. Striving to constantly reinvent the future, Samsung discovers technologies to help people all over the world lead happier, healthier lives.



South Korean multinational electronics giant Samsung is known for excellence and innovation. In addition to manufacturing electronic components for major clients like Apple, Sony, and Nokia, Samsung also offers industry-leading consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and televisions. As the company continually releases new products, part of their ongoing work is training their sales representatives and resellers on new additions and updates to their product line.

Reinventing the Training Experience 

As Samsung continues to increase its global reach, this type of training has become a challenge. Fortunately, with the help of BeLive, it has become an opportunity for Samsung to reinvent the training process. The new approach is not only more cost-effective, but it has also increased engagement among resellers leading to a better overall customer experience.

Before the rollout of their newest training innovation, Samsung relied on in-person training. They would hire and train a Master Trainer in the reseller’s market and give them the necessary information and materials to conduct in-person training sessions. This model was a considerable investment for each new product rollout. Expenses included the cost of the trainer, the rental of appropriate space for the training, as well as the cost to the resellers in terms of transportation and lost work hours to send employees to the training.

As the world embraces digital transformation, companies of all sizes have looked for ways to use video to facilitate meetings and employee training. Privacy was also a concern for Samsung, especially with this larger-scale project. Unfortunately, many off-the-shelf communication options are not secure or robust enough. Samsung needed a custom platform that would meet their needs for security and scale. Moreover, they wanted to ensure that our solutions were creative to get the most out of virtual training, making it a viable alternative to the in-person model.

Making Virtual Training Fun and Educational 

BeLive was able to help meet Samsung’s needs for a robust, secure platform. Which ultimately offered a training experience even more engaging than the previous in-person training program. This process started with us giving Samsung a fully private, encrypted platform that is only accessible to employees. This was critical since training programs like this often contain information not intended for the general public. With secure login and industry-standard encryption, Samsung could ensure that any sensitive information would remain in trusted hands.

While security was essential, this program would not be effective if it couldn’t keep trainees engaged and ensure they received all the necessary information. That is where our technology really shines. Samsung was able to add gamification elements to the training program to provide the highest possible level of engagement. This was part of our Edutainment product. 

Through our experience with previous clients, we have brought the latest gamification strategies to the virtual world. This means that trainers can take advantage of modules like Live Trivia to keep sales representatives fully engaged in training sessions. The platform also provides trainers and planners with real-time analytics data to monitor performance and progress. With real-time analytics, trainers were able to understand trainees better and review their performance. For example, if certain areas were unclear, they were able to spend more time teaching and providing more information.

In addition, thanks to BeLive’s platform, Samsung can now easily handle the scale required by an international company. For example, they trained 15,000 sales representatives via a single Live Trivia Gameshow.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Working with BeLive, Samsung has been able to do more than save time and money on training. They have also seen massive increases in engagement rates for training participants. In addition, they have shortened the total amount of time required for training on new product rollouts. Whereas completing a training program in all reseller markets used to take one to two months, it can now be completed in as little as two weeks. 

In addition, there is a significant cost saving. First, of course, Samsung saves the costs of recruiting, training, and compensating master trainers in each market. They are also saving thousands of hours of travel and training time as well as transportation and facilities costs. They now have a more effective training process that costs less and happens faster.

BeLive’s Live Edutainment features can heavily benefit those looking for live training or even education solutions. It’s truly live streaming made easy – with the solutions you choose being completely customisable to your needs and wants. In this case, Samsung was able to directly save on manpower and logistics costs whilst creating an interactive training experience accessible online.

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