Attracted new app users making up 16% of Z-Live viewers.

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Founded in 2012, ZALORA is Asia’s leading online fashion and lifestyle destination. As one of the region’s pioneer large-scale e-commerce platforms, ZALORA has established a strong presence throughout the region, particularly in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

With an extensive collection of over 3000 brands, from top international labels to homegrown brands and designers. ZALORA is a curated platform for fashion-forward shoppers with over 50 million visits per month. ZALORA prides itself as an industry enabler through innovations. Powered by a team of trendsetters, ZALORA is committed to providing a seamless shopping experience across mobile, tablet, and desktop, and supporting brand partners with valuable data insights and 1SS (One-stock solution) for product fulfillment.

Putting its customers and brand partners at the heart of its innovation, ZALORA is the portal that connects everyone to the limitless world of online shopping.



ZALORA is Asia’s leading online fashion destination with a selection of over 120,000 products. They carry an expansive line-up of products from local and international brands. Their ever growing massive inventory offers a plethora of products from men to women fashion apparel, shoes, accessories and beauty categories online. ZALORA continues to be the largest and fastest growing fashion focused e-commerce site in Southeast Asia. 

Blurring the Line Between Online and In-Person

ZALORA is always searching for ways to create the most immersive and customer-centric shopping experience. Their efforts were further accelerated by the global pandemic. As a result, ZALORA made the most out of the online experience, allowing customers a real-time live shopping experience. Hence, they began looking for a way to integrate content with commerce. With a goal to blur the gap between offline and online by creating experiential shopping experiences.

Thus, they set out to create a one-of-a-kind content hub for their customers. ZALORA wanted a single place to bring customers and brands together. Creating a platform where:
i) customers can find great content and inspiration,
ii) brands can showcase their latest offerings and connect with their customers on a deeper level in real-time.

Z-Live: Changing the Way Customers Shop

ZALORA looked to BeLive’s Social LIVE Commerce Technology to bring its vision to life. The result is ZALORA’s Z-Live, a platform that promises to change the way customers shop. The platform offers style inspirations and tips from featured hosts and guests and access to discounts available exclusively on their live shows. 

Since ZALORA and BeLive are both Southeast Asia-born tech platforms, the partnership was a perfect fit. BeLive already understood the many complexities of doing business in the region. Likewise, both BeLive and ZALORA understand the varied consumer habits and preferences across their markets.

Together BeLive and ZALORA collaborated in taking an app-first approach for their live experience. Both the content hub and live content are available exclusively through their app available for iOS and Android whilst still promoting across the ZALORA website. BeLive handles the development of the app, customization, continuing optimization and operation. Therefore, providing ZALORA the opportunity to focus on the retail experience and live content.

As Z-Live is integrated into ZALORA’s app, customers can have a seamless shopping experience. Meaning, they can save items directly to their account’s wish list without leaving the app. Viewers can also easily select featured products right on screen and checkout whilst watching the stream. Furthermore, they can even shop for variations or browse for related products. Lastly, customers are able to leave comments and interact with the moderator if they have questions. 

Engaging Customers, Increasing Sales

Indeed, BeLive helped integrate Z-Live seamlessly with ZALORA’s complete ecosystem of products and services. On launch date, Z-Live engaged 9% of its total mobile app visitors on its Live Streams, of which 16% were new users. Now, the e-commerce site hosts live high-quality fashion shows and other events while customers can purchase featured products in real-time. 

ZALORA is thrilled with the final product and the experience of bringing it to life. “BeLive enabled us to enter the live-streaming market with incredible efficiency and speed, allowing us to tap into this huge opportunity,” said Quiron Cunha, ZALORA Senior Strategy Director of Southeast Asia. “We are impressed by the team’s hands-on approach and prompt action to any issues or requests raised.” 

Although they are still in the early stages, ZALORA is already seeing a much more engaged customer base. ZALORA recorded up to a 30.6% increase in new users during Z-Live pilot week in comparison to the same period in the previous month. They can see exactly how much customers are engaging with the content, thanks to advanced analytics. Whilst subsequently being able to measure conversion rates and gauge customer sentiment by reviewing interactions and customer comments.

They will continue to roll out new content and experiences to delight customers, with the platform now up and running. In addition, with the flexible BeLive platform and the responsive support of our team we will be ready to handle any new ideas developed by ZALORA.

Finding What Suits Your Business Needs

Our customizable live shopping solutions can be tailored to fit your e-commerce retail needs. Like ZALORA, your viewers can expect an interactive shopping experience which in return provides a more engaged customer base. As the retailer you will have full control over your live stream and viewer analytics to learn more about your consumers. Be ready to spark your customers’ desire for your latest products by bringing e-commerce live. 

BeLive enabled us to enter the live streaming market with incredible efficiency and speed. Even in the current early stages, we already see a much more engaged customer base. Having an expert partner like BeLive support us in every step made the jump into live streaming easier. They understood the region’s complexities and varied consumer preferences. We are impressed by the team’s hands-on approach and prompt service, as well as their commitment to work with us in achieving our desired results. Today, we feel that BeLive is very much part of Team ZALORA.

Quiron CunhaSr. Strategy Director SEA, ZALORA

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