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‘Going Live’ must have been one of the most used tech phrases of 2020. But you may be thinking, why would my company get professional live streaming solutions?

Giving it a first thought or look may have you thinking that it may not be very viable given the product or services that you offer.

But rest assured, that going live may prove to be very lucrative and using a professional live streaming solution might be worth the invest for your business.

Professional live streaming solutions refer to custom white-label services that build and provide live streaming technology for other businesses.

BeLive - professional live streaming solutionsBenefits of using professional live streaming solutions:

1. It provides the ability for you to fully own and monetize your content

Monetization opportunity is always the most important factor for any business.

When you put in resources to having a live stream, you would want some form of returns as an outcome.

With a white label live streaming platform, you can implement direct monetization features such as ticketing, pay-per-view, or even a monthly subscription.

Monetization is also possible with free platforms, but it usually involves you having to sell something during the live stream, which also takes up manual stock-taking labour.

Apart from selling products live and implementing ads (on YouTube), there is little opportunity to directly monetize your live stream content.

Besides, even on your own live streaming platform, you can implement live shopping and payment features so you don’t have to do any manual stock-taking.

2. The ability to customize your live streaming platform exactly how your business wants it

When you live stream on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram the user interface would be the same for all live streams because it is essentially a free-to-use platform.

What happens then is that your branding and identity will be lost.

Having your own live streaming platform means that every nook and cranny of the website will be according to your branding.

This will promote a sense of brand loyalty, exclusivity and recognition for your users.

live streaming shopping solution3. Access to better security features

Professional live streaming solutions have the ability to implement geo-blocking.

Geo-blocking is technology that prevents content that could potentially harm a brand and keeps companies in control of what is released about them no matter the geographical location.

Professional live streaming solutions also allow for IP Blocking and paywalls all of which are not security features that can be achieved through using other platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

4. There are little to no restrictions involved in using these platforms

With a white label platform, you are able to have the features of this platform set up exactly how you would need it to be.

There are far lesser restrictions associated with having your own live streaming platform as opposed to going live on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram.

Some examples of these features would be live shopping, live trivia, live education, as well as exclusive meeting features.

Once you are able to understand what your audience likes, you will need to provide content that suits their needs as viewers.

If you have fewer restrictions, you have more flexibility to better meet the needs of your audience.

In closing

When it comes on to live streaming, quality is of utmost importance.

You wouldn’t want to use substandard services that would hurt or tarnish the brand and reputation of your company.

Choose a service whose ultimate goal is to provide dedicated professional services with little to no restrictions.

Professional live streaming solutions are able to meet the demands of your company in this fast-paced digital space.

For more information on how you can leverage live video streaming marketing for your business, contact BeLive Technology for your free consultation.

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